RED ALERT: CA Legislature Meeting Tues to Overturn Prop 8

Saturday, February 14, 2009

On Tuesday, February 17th at 10:30 am, The Assembly Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing followed at 12:30 pm by a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Proposition 8. The committees will be considering crafting a joint resolution encouraging the California State Supreme Court to overturn the vote of the people in passing Prop 8.

If you think that the legislature and judiciary has no right negating the voice of the people, if you think that the sacred institution of marriage should remain protected, if you don't want public schools teaching your children that its okay to be gay, if you don't want your church to be prosecuted for saying that being gay is a sin, TAKE ACTION!!!

Please do one (or both) of the following:

1. Call or write the members of the Committees and let them know that they have no right negating the voice of the people.

House Committee:

Committee Members PhoneE-mail
    Mike Feuer - Chair
(916) 319-2042
    Van Tran - Vice Chair
(916) 319-2068
    Julia Brownley
(916) 319-2041
    Noreen Evans
(916) 319-2007
    Dave Jones
(916) 319-2009
    Steve Knight
(916) 319-2036
    Paul Krekorian
(916) 319-2043
    Ted W. Lieu
(916) 319-2053
    William W. Monning
(916) 319-2027
Senate Committee:
Ellen Corbett
Phone: 916 651 4010
Fax: 916 327 2433

Dean Florez
Phone: 916 651 4016
Fax: 916 327 5989

Tom Harman
Phone: 916 651 4035
Fax: 916 445 9263

Mark Leno
Phone: 916 651 4003

Mimi Walters
Phone: 916 651 4033
Fax: 916 445 9754

2. Attend the hearings to show those politicians that you care about your vote.
Tuesday, February 17th at the state capitol in Sacramento. The Assembly hearing will be in room 4202 at 10:30 am. The Senate hearing will be in room 4203 at 12:30pm.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to help uphold the voters' decision.

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