Gay Propaganda Hits Schools This Week

Monday, February 2, 2009

Attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute are urging parents with children in public schools to contact their schools this week to ensure students are not being targeted with either subtle or overt pro-homosexual messages.

The PJI warning stems from the designation of Jan. 26-30 as "Name Calling Week" in schools throughout the nation. While the name sounds innocuous, parents are not likely to be told that a key promoter of the event is the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The NNCW website discloses that, in fact, the event was sparked by a book called The Misfits, which portrays an openly gay student as a role model.

This week, GLSEN and its allies are encouraging teachers and students to read a number of gay-friendly books such as Geography Club, Holly's Secret, and Pinky and Rex and the Bully. Organizers also suggest that excerpts from the controversial Judy Blume book Blubber, which features a student calling her teacher a b---- and others egging a house, are appropriate for class discussion. Schools are also being encouraged to have students complete surveys about bullying, including questions related to sexual orientation. Federal law requires that parents be notified of such surveys ahead of time, but PJI attorneys have found that parental notification laws are not always followed.

PJI President Brad Dacus commented, "We can all agree that bullying is wrong for any reason. It's unfortunate that groups like GLSEN can't resist turning an otherwise worthy goal into a platform for promoting homosexuality to students as young as first grade. We urge parents to proactively ask teachers and school administrators what they will be teaching this week, oppose efforts to foist sexuality on our youth, and assure their children that respect for others and traditional morality go hand-in-hand."



Euripides said...

Apparently the gays planned a big "outing" for national Name Calling Week but the schools weren't buying it and the word never got out. Our kids are safe for another year from this particular propaganda.

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