California Assemblyman Doesn't Know Proposition 8 Already Passed

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beetle Blogger has a shocking letter from Jim Beall of the California State Assembly that reads:

"However, the ultimate verdict on this issue will be rendered by voters on November 4 when they consider a statewide constitutional amendment to only recognize heterosexual marriages." (bold mine)



Euripides said...

I like how the Assemblyman includes that the vote would create "the ultimate verdict on this issue." The pro-homosexual marriage folks apparently didn't consider the people's vote the ultimate verdict since they lost. Now it's become a question of the court's reinterpretation of the law....This is a joke, but unfortunately, it's not funny.

Dr B said...

haha That's a good point! The people's vote is the ultimate verdict... unless it passes.

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