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Friday, January 23, 2009

Tommorow I will be participating in the Walk for Life through San Francisco, protesting the more than 1.8 million unborn babies that are killed every year (nearly 1/3 of every conceived baby) in the selfish name of inconvenience. If anyone you know is considering doing this horrible thing, please make them watch this video first before they go through with it:

- B-Media:

Anita O’Shea, spokesperson for the Bay Area Coalition for Reproduction Rights says “The ‘Walk for Life’ is part of a multi-pronged rightwing movement that includes bigots in suits as well as armed, vigilante Minutemen, clinic bombers, and gay bashers…..We must stop the blame game against women, immigrants and queers before the ultra-right gains momentum.”

Let me know if you see any armed vigilantes or clinic bombers! Good luck!


Anonymous said...

i wish i could go!

Pearl said...

Weeping and weeping. Those beautiful babes. All torn up; wrapped up like unwanted garbage. Oh. My heart aches for them. I'll take them. I'll take them all!

My prayers will be with the "vigilante Minutemen, clinic bombers, and gay bashers" (oh brother!) at the Walk For Life.

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