Stolen Election in Minnesota

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Consider first that the key player in the recount, Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, is linked to Al Franken through ACORN and Soros'

Foxnews reports that so-called “missing” ballots in Minneapolis’ Ward 3, precinct 1 gave Franken 63 more votes. Workers said that 133 ballots had been counted twice, resulting in 133 extra votes. Yet the board accepted them without question, giving Franken the edge.

In Ramsey County’s Maplewood Precinct 6, 177 extra ballots showed up, 177 more ballots than there were votes. This time they rejected the recount, giving Franken 37 more votes.

Extra ballots from recounts in Republican areas were rejected, while recounts that helped Franken were accepted. The state court backed up this corrupt action. Smells fishy to me.


John Emerson said...

Coulter and the WSJ are making things up. None of the Minnesota Republicans are claiming fraud, not even Powerline. Even Coleman isn't claiming fraud -- just errors and misjudgements in the process.

It was a very close election and the recount was done transparently and according to law. The recount was mandatory and for that reason, Coleman never won, even though he was ahead at various times. (Even Franken won't win until the court case is settled). The total net shift in votes from the first unofficial election-night count until now was 0.03% at most -- a tiny shift. Some changes went Coleman's way, some went Franken's way, but on the net they went Franken's way.

Minnesota is rightly proud of its reputation for honest elections, and Ann Coulter's misrepresentations aren't going to change that.

For the record, Minnesota is only a reliable Democratic state in Presidential elections. We haven't had a Democratic governor in 18 years, and during the last 30 years we've had more Republican than Democratic Senators. The DFL machine is a myth.

If you're going to accuse people of crimes, "this smells fishy" isn't enough evidence. You should inform yourself about the details. If you do so, you'll find that you've been misinformed.

B-Media said...

Who did I accuse of crimes? I don't recall accusing anyone of a crime. Please look up "corrupt" in a dictionary.

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