Police: The Traffic Ticket Industry

Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Arizona County removed experimental cameras to catch speeders recently because it didn't generate enough revenue. The sherrif called the $12,391 they earned over four months "paltry." Half the offenders caught actually ended up paying. At the same time, traffic collisions increased 16%.

This caught my eye, having lived in Germany for two years where speeding cameras are all over the place. In Germany, if you get "blitzed", you can be sure someone is going to pay the ticket. They have their ways. I found these cameras actually made the roads safer. It's like a cop sitting there 24/7. Also, police could spend their time looking for drunk drivers and actual criminals.

But doesn't this case in Arizona prove the old cliche that police make their money from speeding tickets? They can't even afford to let cameras catch speeders so they can go out fight real crime!


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