Outrage: Students Treated To Rush Limbaugh

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Edison Middle School in Wisconson meant to play Obama's inauguration over the school loudspeaker. What they accidentally played was the Rush Limbaugh's show. Yes, this is national news.

Liberal parents and TV commentators were of course outraged that their children were exposed to conservative opinions. Chris Matthews blasted Limbaugh after Limbaugh said, "I hope Obama fails" because he's liberal. Matthews took the quote out of context, as he tends to do, and asserted that Limbaugh "hates this country."

The school and the liberal media placed blame on the radio station for the accident, which raises the question, "Why are conservative opinions even allowed to be broadcast?" That's a good question. You'd think we'd have safe-guards by now, perhaps computer chips inserted into childrens' ears to block any hateful speech that arises, words like "Obama fails." Teacher Amanda Grigg emailed the station to let them know that the children were "shocked, angered and saddened by the interruption."

It's a breach of copyright to play a radio show over the school loudspeaker by the way. But Limbaugh's characteristic graciousness shown through, as he offered to give a guest civics lesson to the students free of charge.


Euripides said...

Aaaaaaah! Rush Limbaugh! Plug your ears children! Hide your eyes! Don't give in to the EEEEEEEvil One!

Oh, and by the way, after lunch we'll have mandatory sex education and be handing out condoms.

The skewed vision of liberals needs new glasses.


emissary said...

What would they think if it had been Dr. Laura?

I like this idea of playing Rush Limbaugh to our school children. And I would love to get a copy of his "civics lesson" he has offered to teach the children at that school if they take him up, which of course they won't...

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