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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Tuesday, Barack Hussein Obama is scheduled to be sworn in illegally as the 44th president of the United States. Illegally because our Constitution specifically requires that presidents be born in the United States and not only was he not born in the United States (according to several witnesses including his own grandmother), he has submitted a phony certificate of live birth (which were given to babies that weren't born in America anyways).

Do the people of America not see what great deception is happening right before their eyes? Our government is picking and choosing what parts of our laws and constitution they want to follow, and which they don't. Hillary Clinton is also constitutionally inelegible to serve in Obama's cabinet because she is a senator, but since that rule in the constitution has been disregarded many times by Democrats and Republicans alike, no one is even considering it. If I remember right, if our government wants to disregard something in the constitution they must first get the people to repeal it by a Constitutional Ammendment. Remember that? Back when the peopel controled their government and not the other way around?

And then just today we hear that the man Obama has picked to lead the US Treasury, IRS and Secret Service has been cheating on his taxes for four years and knowingly employed an illeagal alien as housekeeper. Does no one in the government have honesty and integrety any more? Why are we not teaching those principles in our schools now, instead of promoting homosexuality, socialism and international soverignty?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully your legal system can uncover the truth and settle the matter as to his citizenship.

Anonymous said...

It is curious why his birth information has not been made public just to put this to rest. It makes it look like he's hiding something.

Anonymous said...

Yes it does. Perhaps it is just media hype but who knows. But if he really is a US citizen why not show the birth certificate and get the confusion out of the way.

Why would he want media hype about his eligibility for president? If this was anyone's concern, why has it not been conclusively dealt with? It seems more like Obama is just trying to quietly sit it out and hope it goes away, just like he did with all of his other scandals so far (Associations with Reverent Wright, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Tony Rezko, Eric Holder and Jim Johnson; saying he will negotiate with Ahmadinejad and other terrorist leaders face-to-face, etc...)

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