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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House Democrats passed the massive Obama spending bill earlier today that essentially increases our federal government's spending by a third. For the record, the bill was opposed by and bi-partisan coalition comprised of every single Republican representative plus eleven Democrats. The bill is now up for consideration in the Senate.

Our government's new Constitution:

We the Politicians
of the Democrat-controlled White House and Congress of America, in order to form a more euro-socialist union, establish massive government welfare programs, ensure the redistribution of wealth to those who do not contribute to the economy, provide for teenage abortions (without parental notification), promote the homosexual agenda, and secure (through free handouts) our voter base dependency to ourselves and future liberal politicians, do ordain and establish these "emergency" executive orders and bills that will place the debt of trillions of dollars on the future children and grandchildren of the people of the United States of America.

Please take out some time and give your representatives a call to either thank them for standing up against the Obama euro-socialist machine, no-thank them for not, or let them know how you stand for the senate vote. You can find out how to reach them by phone here.


Stimulus bill moves us closer to nationalized health care and rationing

The House of Representatives approved an $819 billion economic stimulus package Wednesday. The party line vote was a blow to Barack Obama's alleged desire for bipartisanship. All the Republicans and 11 democrats voted against the bill. One thing in the bill that went mostly unnoticed was a new bureaucracy called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research.

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Save the Constitution

Declaration of Liberty

In memory of our God, our Nation, our Religions, our Freedom, our Peace, our Families and our Fallen Dead;

WE THE PEOPLE declare that We will Never Yield to those who would place us in bondage. We will live for the Constitution and we will die for the Constitution, for we know that it was inspired of God for all of his Children.

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