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Friday, January 9, 2009

I have been thinking a lot lately about my children and how important it is that I teach them about their rights and duties as Americans. Goodness knows they won't learn any of that in our public schools! When I think of what I was taught, my mind goes back to a cassette tape my parents gave me when I was a little kid called Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By. I can still remember the Preamble to the Constitution word for word because of the song they set it to, as well as "George Washington was a very good man," "free enterprise," "checks and balances" and "We hold these truths."

I was wondering what materials any of you have used and recommend for educating your children the right was about America. Please feel free to comment and discuss.


This is so perfect because my cousin was just discussing books with me last night and two came up that I think you will appreciate. Hold on, I'll be back.

Okay these are children's books. They are giant, but I've heard the illustrations are great. They have the text of all the documents:

Sam Fink: The constitution of the United States

Sam Fink: The Declaration of Independence

Sam Fink: The Geeysburg Address

sorry about my misspelling of "gettysburg"...i feel unpatriotic now. forgive me.

beetlebabee said...

The best book by far that I have come across in my homestudy curriculum is "The Making of America, the Substance and Meaning of the Constitution" by Cleon Skousen, from the National Center for Constitutional Studies.

My sixth graders can understand it, but it teaches at my level as well. It's very good, lots of original source material and great founding father quotes.

It is a must have for educating children. I also recommend getting a cd of patriotic hymns or songs and getting kids familiar with those. They don't teach America the Beautiful in public schools in our area anymore, but it's something every kid should know by heart. Music has power and conveys much emotion that is hard to strip away from the outside.

Zoey said...

This post is a great idea! I plan on ordering some of the reads already recommended. One of my favorites on the constitution (it is religious based) is "The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner" by Ezra Taft Benson.

Thanks for your comments thepomegranateapple, beetlebabee and Zoey ! I turned comment moderation back on, but I will still post more comments as they come. Any more ideas on good patriotic materials for children?

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