Obama's Secret Meeting With Supreme Court

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama and Biden met with eight members (conservative Alito was absent) of the Supreme Court on January 14th, with only their aides and White House Counsel Greg Craig present. There is no explanation of what they discussed in this pre-inauguration four hour meeting.

But rumors are swirling that Obama's birth certificate was the topic. The court denied Orly Taitz' challenging Obama's eligibility lawsuit about a week after the secret meeting. Almost three dozen similar legal actions have also been struck down since. Taiz claims Obama has spent "$800,000 on numerous attorneys to keep his original birth certificate sealed." Greg Craig was directed Clinton's team that fought his impeachment proceedings. Was he there to take on a similar constitutionality issue?

Craig will have 31 deputies under him. He will hear National Security Council reports. If Obama's "natural born citizen" status wasn't the main topic, America's torture techniques and other National Security issues probably were.


Ted said...

Obama says his "recovery plan will include UNPRECEDENTED measures that will allow the American people to hold [his] administration ACCOUNTABLE" yet Obama refuses to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the same American people for his UNPRECEDENTED refusal to show his actual birth certificate.

Ted said...

OK, OK, OK, enough already, I can’t take any more hoaxes: First we have Al Gore’s global warming, next comes Obama being a constitutionally qualified President, followed by Obama’s stimulus plan, but now we have Robert Reich telling us why we need stronger unions. Are we heading for Saturday Night Live 24/7?

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