Obama Orders Gitmo Closed,No Clue What to Do With 250 Terrorists Currently There

Friday, January 23, 2009

While Obama and his supporters are celebrating his executive order to close the popularly criticized Guantanamo Bay prison for its scandalous interrogation techniques (which included at worst, keeping prisoners awake with Christina Aguilera music and making them stand for the US national anthem in a room full of pictures of 9/11 victims), they are now back to the dilemma that President Bush faced just after 9/11: What do you do with enemy combatants who have been captured on the battlefield, who continually express their desire to destroy America and have proven their danger to us if released through major acts of terrorism and whom, if tried in civil courts (which has never been done with captured enemy combatants in the history of the United States anyways), would likely be let go scott-free?

(There is also the fact that these detainees contain valuable information regarding Al-Qaeda plans that can prevent future acts of terrorism, but Obama doesn’t seem too concerned about that…)

Because of the extremely dangerous nature of almost all of the 250 detainees currently in Gitmo—including the hard-core jihadist Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who masterminded the 9/11 attacks—Obama is having a hard time figuring out what to do with them: Europe doesn’t want them, their home countries either don’t want them or will release them back into terrorist activities and most states don’t want such dangerous and politically incendiary criminals within their territory. The only exception seems to be the Democrat Rep. John Murtha (famous for calling his constituents racists and rednecks) who has said he will take them in Pennsylvania, though there are no high-security prisons in his district. Another (much more sane and responsible) representative is introducing a bill that outlaws the release of a known terrorist into the U.S. But if not on our soil, who does America pawn off their Pandora’s box to?

As Obama and his supporters dance on the tomb of Gitmo, it would be well for them to put down their platitudes and opinion polls and consider the security of our nation. As it’s going, I’m wondering how soon the next 9/11 will happen.


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