Obama, America Fails Martin Luther King Test

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke words as true and poignant as any of our nation’s founding fathers when he said:

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal.’ […]I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
Dr. King’s inspired “dream” is the American Dream: That regardless of their age, sex, race, religious creed or appearance, all Americans will be equally judged by their personal character and fair according to their own abilities.

With the election of President Barack Hussein Obama, America has shown that she is still far from reaching Dr. King’s—and her own—ideal. Of all the major candidates vying for president in 2008, Obama was by far the least qualified. His past political experience consists of only three terms in the Illinois State Senate and one incomplete term in the U.S. Senate, and absolutely no executive experience leading any entity, government or private.

Obama also wasn’t voted president for the content of character. Revealed close relations (private and business) with the domestic terrorist William Ayers, convicted money-launderer and fraudulent government contractor Tony Rezko and other thugs from the corrupt Chicago political machine reveal a history of poor judgment. And bold-faced lies regarding his prior knowledge of the inflammatory teachings of the disgraced Rev. Jeremiah Wright along with clearly falsified birth records reveal a strong tendency to dishonesty for political expediency. No, Barack Obama clearly was not elected President regardless of his skin color, because he was the best man for the job; He was elected because America wanted a Black President.

This racist motivation in America is further emphasized by the fact that whenever anybody points out the great many shortcomings of Obama they are labeled as a racist, accused of opposing him just because his is Black. But America clearly has no problems having a Black person in a government office. We have had two federal Supreme Court Justices, several high ranking cabinet officials, many many federal and state legislators and state and local officials that are Black. Had Colin Powell (who is also Black) run for president, it is almost certain that he would have beaten John McCain for the Republican nomination. America has come a long way with racism over the years: From enslaving men and women because of the color of their skin to denying them full rights; Today we blindly elect them as president.

America is sure to pay dearly for this latest instance of racism and ignorance. The proverbial race card that trumped Obama to presidency concealed a man who was not only one of the most inexperienced but also ideologically the most extreme liberal in the senate this last year, who holds an agenda very dangerous to our country. Through his speeches and writings, Obama shows a strong determination to push our country towards much greater socialism, bureaucracy and higher taxation and government spending to bring us in line with the failing socialist experiments of Europe. This departure from the principles and ideals that made America the most powerful nation in the world will destroy our traditional work ethic, drastically devalue our currency and cripple our economy much more than it already is.

Obama’s stated disdain for our military and intelligence programs (as evidenced by his ridiculously unqualified pick for Chief of the CIA) along with his clear sympathies for anti-American regimes and world government will leave our homeland open to another attack of the magnitude of 9/11, or worse. And the cabinet and administration officials Obama has picked range from his corrupt buddies from the Chicago political machines to recycled paper-pushing bureaucrats from the disgraced Clinton administration: His new Treasury Secretary cheated on his taxes for four years, his new Attorney General convinced Clinton to pardon known criminals and terrorists, his new Ambassador to the U.N. wants America to give up her sovereignty to world government, and his new Chief of Staff vindictively sends dead fish to his political opponents.

May God bless us that this nightmare that was never Dr. King’s “dream” may last only four years and have as little permanent damage on this great nation as possible.


Euripides said...

Content of character? I wouldn't look too closely at any politician!

Pearl said...

Yech. That is one looooong list of despicable character traits, associations, connections, and decisions. Obama had better hope God forgives him for attempting to usurp His role as Messiah and intervenes on our behalf when it is discovered that, as predicted, Obama has no idea what the heck he is doing.

It has been a long journey for improvements on civil rights and equality, and with Obama being sworn in, the civil rights movement have come full circle since the "I have a dream speech". I hope Obama can concentrate on increasing jobs, advancing education, and the decreasing of our dependence on fossil fuels.

HTSABISC, please explain to me how electing a man president because of the color of his skin is America "full circle since the 'I have a dream speech.'" I don't think Martin Luther King ever wanted a Black man elected just because he is Black. That goes against everything he believed in. And especially a socialist; MLK was a Republican

The Intellectual Redneck said...

detailed instructions on how to get an original vault copy of a Hawaii birth certificate. Of course Obama is President. He would not need to do anything but have someone pick up the phone. This is just to show you anyone can easily do it. Obama supporters spread so much untruth. :(

'When requesting a certified copy of your birth certificate from the Vital
Records Section of DOH, let the clerk know you are requesting it "For
DHHL Purposes," and that you need a copy of the original Certificate of
Live Birth and not the computer-generated Certification. If mailing in your
request form, please fill in "For DHHL Purposes" in the "Reason for
Requesting a Certified Copy" section. (See example on page 6.)'


They even show a sample copy of the vault record for those so blinded by Obama they thought that document was a myth.


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