"Messiah" Obama Book Required Reading in California School

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A client of mine expressed her extreme frustration over discovering that her children's school principal (David Ackerman at Oak Knoll Elementary School in Menlo Park, California) is requiring that the controversial book
Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope be read in every classroom as part of a mandatory curriculum in celebration of President-Elect Obama. Upon examining this book for herself, this mother was horrified to find a propaganda-laden story describing Obama with tears in his eyes, being called forth by a God-figure called "Hope" to lead the nation to their salvation first as a prophet (the book compares him by name to Joseph of Egypt) and then as a "Messiah."

She also described to me a picture of Obama kneeling in anguished prayer with the rays of "Hope" shining down on him from heaven, more than a clear allusion to Christ suffering in the garden of Gethsemane for the sins of mankind. The final picture, she described, depicts Obama hands outstretched and glory shining in rays from his body, the classical Christ image of Christian iconography.

Upon discussing this with the school's principle, this concerned mother was told that all history is biased anyways (citing Jefferson's supposed illegitimate children) and he felt that this book was appropriate for teaching children about the historical significance of Obama and that was that.

I have heard of Obama being jokingly referred to as the "Messiah" of liberals, but I had no idea it went this far. We are to keep religion out of schools, except when it blasphemously supports a liberal, socialist political figure?! Parents, please check with your children and their teachers what they are being taught in school. It will not be long until homosexual, socialist or anti-religious propaganda disguised as a children's book will be fed to your innocent child by their teacher, mandated by a corrupt state board of education.

UPDATE: I received the following email from another concerned mother:

I am glad I am not the only person that had an issue with this book. I am all for learning facts, but this book goes a little too far. I checked it out from the library and read it, then went and spoke with Mr Ackerman with my concerns, he respectfully disagreed and told me he purchased this book (one for each grade level) to be read in every class (at Oak Knoll at least).

My kids will be going to the library during the reading and discussion of this particular book.

--name withheld to keep her house from being vandalized


A sampling of comments left about this book on Amazon:

When he starts seeing the ghosts of JFK and MLK and references are made to Langston's Harlem, I'm not sure that the kids that the book is aimed at are going to pick up on the references. The illustrations are passable in the beginning, but as it continues, they become more and more over-the-top (Barack Obama crying in church, Barack Obama praying with a butterfly perched on his clasped hands, Barack Obama glowing with a heavenly aura). Cramming this political tripe into a children's book is bad enough, but the heavy-handed treatment and political sloganizing makes it unbearable.

Even God himself talks to Barry while he's in church on Sunday, telling him: "Look around you. Now look to me. There is hope enough here to last a lifetime."

A scary look into propaganda at its core. And aimed at impressionable children with this?! His campaign was that he was made to be an everyday guy like us right? But this read more like a Jesus Christ: Son of God story book and it FORCES that idea onto you. And for that type of idea to even be present in a politically-themed kid's book is just over-the-top brainwashing.

Barack comes across as a Moses for our times. He is spoken to by "Hope", and later on it seems that Hope turns into the voice of God. God doesn't just stir his soul but recites sentences/a paragraph, and seems to anoint him a modern-day prophet. The child in the book even compares him to Joseph of the new testament. This is going WAY too far (unless of course we are to expect The Book of Barack to be added to the Bible any day now). Actually, the heavy-handed writing made me laugh as I rejected even the possibility of bringing it into the classroom. [...]There is no way I could present this book to my students. I might as well read the Bible and replace major names with Barack.

We could not believe it. It portrays Obama as Messiah, Obama as deity. And the presentation is to children. Yep, the illustrations are, indeed, beautiful. The message: over-the-top brainwashing. Of children. This book represents the unquestioning society and hero worship. The book is beautiful, and sickening.

You have GOT to be kidding me???? There is something seriously wrong with any parent that would give this god-king worship book to a child. I fear for anyone that focuses this much adoration towards a man. I fear for any nation that adores a leader to this extent.

this is a travesty, a cult of personality rarely known to such grotesque degrees in American politics. The cover art should be titled 'The Apotheosis of Barack Obama'- a deification of man. God, yes, the literal God Almighty, speaks directly to the weeping titular character in this foul manipulation of children's literature, saying that the hope within him will last America throughout his life.
Playing on racial and class sympathies and the genuine ills these beleaguered communities face, and riddled with the fallacy of good intentions, this book offers up our friend Barack as a messiah-figure, a modern Moses leading the American people out of the wilderness.
There is no doubt that children ought to be educated about the political process, and should know something about the lives of the candidates. But this is not a life- it is a celebration, a glorification of a mythic figure who only exists in fairy tales. Perhaps that is why it works so well as a children's book- the cult of personality surrounding the glorious, the illustrious Senator Obama has generated perceptions of the man so outlandish that they can only be genuinely expressed in an illustrated fantasy.

If anyone can get more pictures from this book, I would love to post them! Contact me if you do.

Pearl said...

Oh my. Homeschooling is sounding more and more appealing these days. It's so interesting how skeptical and derogatory Liberals are toward religion, and yet, here they allow one of their own to be aggrandized and deified in a children's book. All in the name of education. Ick.

Euripides said...

What's next? Books about gay couples in our children's schools? Oh wait. That's already happening.

Anonymous said...

um...are we in the twilight zone yet?

Christa Jeanne said...

Wow. Yet more reason to homeschool. As much as the liberals deride it, when they're shoving propaganda into our impressionable childrens' hands, what do they expect? For us to let them brainwash our progeny?

That is disgusting. I knew Obama was joking referred to as a Messiah, but putting it in print makes it too real - and it's so, so wrong. No one merits being placed on par with the Savior of the World - especially not some egotistical junior senator from corrupt Illinois with a paper-thin track record.

Anonymous said...

I say Obama can wait for the history books like all of the other Presidents. There's no reason why this school district needs to go out of their way to teach children about a not-even-taken-office-yet-President who hasn't technically even done anything. And aren't they jumping the gun a bit, we don't' even know if he will do anything worth reading about. I suspect that school children will be reading about scandals in the Obama section of the history books.

Pearl, I second your Ick.....

Euripides...LOL..things are going down-hill fast huh?

Another comment emailed to me:

The more I hear about what is happening in schools, the more I am convinced our children will need to go to private school or be home-schooled.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing that a government could sponsor such a thing. From my perspective Barack is a joke and depicting him as a messiah is funny. I can just imagine Australia's prime minister Kevin Rudd depicted in a book as a new messiah. What a joke. This is the kind of stuff comedians come up with all the time on Australian TV. Perhaps the book should be allocated to the comedy section of a book shop.

op-ed said...

Isn't teaching children to worship the political leader of the country more the stuff of tyrants than of presidents? Wouldn't one expect this more of a third world dictator than of the President of the United States?

I'm willing to bet this book is actually just a porting over of an existing book about Kim Jong Il, the "Dear Leader" taught of in North Korean schools.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the update.

Anonymous said...

I think people have missed the point. We will see a fight over term limits in the next 8 years. Someone is in love with creating an African style "presidency". Look at Kenyan (and lots of other's) politics please. www.allafrica.com

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