Italian Singer Accused of Hate Crimes for Writing Song About a Gay Man Who Became Straight

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are now living in a time when many--especially in our media and government--are pushing for the "invented right" of universal acceptance for homosexual behavior. They are doing this by presenting homosexuality as normal and acceptable at every chance they get, teaching it to our children in the public schools and passing legislation that both legitimizes homosexuality and punishes those who refuse to accept it.

The greatest possible sacrilege to these supporters of homosexuality comes from those who were gay but converted to heterosexuality. This goes against everything they believe in--ie. there is nothing wrong with being gay and you can't help it--and they will do anything to discredit and stop such accounts. The following article tells about an Italian singer who wrote a song about just such an account and is now being internationally persecuted (homosexual supporters have a vast, powerful network) and even accused by an international court for hate-speech.

Italian Performer Sings Story of Conversion from Homosexuality at Music Festival

Homosexual activists enraged; complaint filed with European Court of Human Rights

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

SANREMO, ITALY, January 23, 2009 ( - Italian singer Giuseppe Povia is making waves in Italy with his new song recounting the conversion of a homosexual to heterosexuality.

The piece, "Lucas Was Gay," which is to be performed for the first time at the Sanremo Festival in Sanremo, Italy on February 21, tells the true story of Luca di Tolve, a young man who recently spoke of his conversion in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale.

Tolve attributes his former homosexuality to the divorce of his parents during his childhood, when his father left. "I remained alone in a feminine environment, playing with dolls. It is a mistake to believe that people are born gay," he said in the interview. "You fall in love with a man because that is what you would have wanted to be."

"Homosexuals experience a frenetic emotional nomadism," he went on to say. "It is understandable, like anyone, they look for something different from themselves. If in the other they find only something similar, the relationship can't be more than fleeting and compulsive. Stability and fidelity can't exist in the gay world."

Povia stated last December that he has converted two homosexual friends to heterosexuality, both of whom are now married, and said that "one is not born homosexual, but is converted to it." He is also known to have participated in the 2007 Family Day in Rome, organized to defend the right to life and family values.

Homosexual activists, enraged by Tolve's account and Povia's song, have accused Tolve of lying, and have begun a Facebook account to bring together those who wish to prevent Povia from singing at the Sanremo Festival. The organization "Arcigay" has reportedly threatened to disrupt the event.

In addition, European Parliament Deputy Vittorio Agnoleto has reportedly presented the case to the European Court of Human Rights and has asked the Parliament to review the song, claiming that its lyrics constitute a violation of the rights of homosexuals.

In my humble experience, every homosexual individual with which I have really been able to have a heart-to-heart talk has admitted to me that they wish that they were not gay. To be gay means great fear, loneliness, moral emptiness, guilt and self-hatred. To me, this confirms that homosexuality is a psychological abnormality that is not at all "normal" and is definitely not to be encouraged. I don't know if all gay men and women could convert to heterosexuality, but I do know that they would be much happier if they did. We must not enshrine a psychological abnormality and sexual perversion in our schools, laws and society!


Secular Heretic said...

I agree. These people need help not an increase in their suffering.

sto pro verum said...

One cannot find happiness living a life opposed to natural laws--it is impossible. I definitely believe one can be "converted" from homosexuality or to it. I personally know people in both circumstances.

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