Gays Publish Maps Of Prop-8 Donors' Homes

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hitler would be proud.

Thanks to the California Secretary of State, it has never been easier to automatically generate hitlists of people who voted a certain way. They got maps in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Orange County. Many of the targets donated less than $50.

UPDATE: LA Times links its readers to the Google-supported hitlist. Journalism integrity we would expect from that rag.


Liberty Belle said...

WHAT?? This is totally outrageous!

Euripides said...

Maybe they can sell maps on Hollywood Boulevard and offer tours to donors' houses? Then, with buses full of Japanese, they could hand out spray paint and send them out at each stop to write obscenities on peoples' houses? The tourist industry would flourish.

I'm so proud of the entreprenurial gay Americans. I could just vomit.

Anonymous said...

This is so scary and totally ridiculous. I can't believe the level of harassment the supporters of Prop 8 have received for exercising their political rights.

Zeph said...

Well this is no surprise. Liberals, even gay liberals, care about your freedom just as long as you think the same them.

You're free to think as long as it's for their benefit. These people are becoming arrogant and bullying just because they feel their man won the presidency. Truthfully, it's time for the right and those in the center to wake up and see how much the far-left (which makes up most of the left) cares about the freedoms of ours.

Andrew Z. said...

People wanted to donate to a hate campaign- they deserve what they get! Take some of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

oh boo hoo...the poor prop 8 supporters. how many of their marriages are now null and void? doesn't your bible say an eye for an eye?

emissary said...

I've tried to think of any use for this map other than intimidation and an attempt to pressure people not to contribute to any similar campaign in the future. I haven't thought of anything. Anyone else think of a good reason this was created?

B-Media said...

Andrew Z said "take some of your own medicine."

When did prop-8 supporters publish maps to people's houses?? What does that have to do at all to invalidating pretend marriages?

Anonymous said...

By publishing a map I assume that means addresses of people who financially supported Prop 8? Isn't that private information? No government should be allowed to publish information like this without permission.

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