As Gore Battles Blizzards To Preach The Global Warming Lie...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Despite the freezing snow storms battling the east coast, Al Gore showed up before a Senate Committee today to urge immediate action to battle global warming.

The dirty truth is that global temperatures have not risen since 1998. BBC reported this in April and then quickly changed their report. Global temperatures actually decreased last year. "Experts" blamed this on the La Ninaassure "phenomenon and assured us temperatures will go back up.

Ocean temperatures have decreased the last three years according to NASA. Don't expect Foxnews to report this. NASA scientists have even admitted that temperature sensors were placed by artificial heating devices to raise the detected temperatures in their studies. Dr. James Hansen, chief climate scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the man who raised the global warming alarm in 1988 in an appearance before congress, says he "embarrassed NASA” by raising the global warming fear.

Why does Gore persist? He won a Nobel Prize for the lie. The media calls him a philanthropist, a world famous champion. He has made big bucks off carbon offset companies and stands to make more if the government makes this standard for businesses, punishing "carbon producing" businesses, as Obama wants to do. The carbon business was revealed to be a massive scam that helps China, by the way. Everyone is too invested in the lie to tell the truth now!

Over 31,000 scientists signed a petition rejecting global warming. They say it's a U.N. scheme to start a global tax. Recently 650 scientists told the United Nations global warming is a lie.


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