32,000 Walk for Life in San Francisco, Media All but Ignores It

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My fellow pro-lifers, the horrendous abuse of abortion is the number one civil right cause of our generation. Roughly an entire third of all babies conceived in America are being destroyed with this procedure, one third of those by teenage mothers pressured into it by a system that encourages them to not even talk to their parents about it! Abortion is not only obliterates a beating heart that wants to live, but is very harmful--both physically and psychologically--to the mothers.

Most of the main-stream media is fighting their hardest to continue and even expand abortion; They have given little to no coverage of the many pro-life events "commemorating" the 36th anniversary of "Roe v. Wade": 300,000 marched in Washington DC, 32,000 in San Francisco, 20,000 in Paris, but the media remained silent.

It is up to us to be so loud that the media cannot ignore us. Forward this video to all your friends in the fight and let them know that there are many of us determined to end the genocide of our unborn children!

2009 West Coast Walk For Life from Matteo on Vimeo.


Secular Heretic said...

We are the new media. It would be great if the secular media did acknowledge the massive crowds protesting against abortion but they don't usually.

Euripides said...

The old media is all but dead, coughing up a lot of blood, and wheezing. The reason? They forgot what reporting was all about. The new media will prevail because most people aren't stupid enough to pay attention to the "main stream" media.

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