What Gay Rights Activists have Taught Us

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hate is always hate, and gay rights activists are showing us what they really believe in.

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Heather said...

I LOVE this video. It's so simple, yet so powerful. And SO true.

Keep up the good work!

Gib said...

There are several misleading parts of this video.

Not everyone who has protested has defaced the temples. Generalizing from the LDS Church leadership to all Mormons is wrong, but generalizing from a handful of incidents to the international grassroots movement to express disappointment and upset over bigotry is also wrong.

And although perhaps 2% of California voters were Mormon, but about HALF of the money to fund Proposition 8 came from Mormons.

Although the Mormons have been persecuted, gay and lesbian people have been persecuted longer than Mormons and across the globe. Were the Mormons put in concentration camps and forced to wear symbols as gay and lesbian people were in Nazi Germany?

The LDS Church orchestrated Proposition 8 for 10 years. Memoranda have surfaced showing that the LDS Church leadership wanted to fund and organize this from the shadows.

Speaking about what the LDS Church has done and how it affects people is simple honesty.

And preaching is best done in church.


Yes, you may say that not every gay supporter is doing the hate speech, blacklisting and vandalism, but I have not heard any of them publicly condemn it either. Quite the contrary, in fact: major gay action groups, newspapers and public officials have been openly calling for the boycott and harassment of individuals and businesses that supported Prop 8. You, I notice, are also not condemning their actions. Your silence, just like the silence of your organizations in this matter, speaks volumes.

Whether or not homosexuals have been persecuted throughout history is beyond the point. The point is that they should no better than to show others violence and intolerance when they themselves accuse others of it.

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