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Friday, December 19, 2008

In my inaugural post to this blog, I mentioned that I felt one of the main reasons conservatives lost the presidental election to a radical liberal was because we lacked the internet influence and power of liberal bloggers such as moveon[dot]org. I am happy to find that as conservatives have gone into exile in Washington, grassroots organizations are beginning to mobilize online to educate the public and network the efforts of conservatives to make a difference.

You may have seen the Digital Network Army (DNA) icon appear on the fat right colomn of this blog a few weeks ago. Today I had the oportunity to chat with this organization and found that they are exactly what I have been looking for. The idea behind their organization is that if everyone was to give just a couple minutes a day to further the fight for decency and right, we could move mountains. Click here or on the icon in this post to join up and start making a real difference!

The founder of the DNA explained here why he did it:

I was up to my neck in Proposition 8, serving as a zip code coordinator, and things were getting to the point that (according to my research) there was very little migration toward Prop 8 or away from it except for the younger-voter demographic that would likely be researching the issues online. As I went to do my part to fight the fight online (like some of you have already mentioned) I suddenly found myself surrounded on all sides by the enemy. Any post or comment I left was literally lambasted with a negative onslaught by the opposition. I also noticed that any pro-Prop 8 material on the web was landing way down on the search engine results. I was concerned that this situation would lead to our failure, as our young voters were going to be fed on a diet of pure negativity.

I mentioned my concerns to others around me, and I suggested that we needed to find someone to start a "Digital Network Army" or the DNA. No one stepped forward, so I dove in.

I pictured a silent majority of people out there who were very busy, each wanting to make a difference, but only having a few minutes each day to do it. They felt overwhelmed by the opposition and incapable of making any real difference. I knew that if we could tap into the effort of thousands of people pitching in their "few minutes," and focus all of that combined effort into one key task at a time, we would have an amazing force to be reckoned with - similar to how a distributed network of computers works (as Team Captain mentioned earlier).

So the DNA was created with the distributed network framework that says each individual can become more empowered as we join our efforts together.


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