Judges Who Punished Good Samaritans Are Same Who Legalized Gay Marriage

Monday, December 29, 2008

Many are outraged about the recent California Supreme Court ruling that holds good Samaritans liable for injuries to the injured they try to save. But few know who voted in this 4-3 ruling. The LA Times, for example, refuses to report who voted which way. But they provided a neat little chart complete with names and pictures in their report on the earlier ruling that overturned the ban on gay marriage and trampled over democratic and religious freedom.

Well lo and behold, the 4-3 vote was exactly the same in both rulings. Justice Carlos Moreno, a Gray Davis appointee, read the majority ruling for the Good Samaritan case with Kennard, Werdegar, and Ronald Goerge concurring. In the gay marriage case George read the majority ruling with Kennard, Werdegar, and Moreno concurring.

We need to get to know who these corrupt judges are before the upcoming Proposition 8 ruling! We might have a petition to recall coming up!


Pearl said...

It reminds me of The Incredibles, when Mr. Incredible saves a man from committing suicide and gets sued for it. Utterly ridiculous. Interesting that it's the same four judges. Very interesting.

Yes, someone in the DNA needs to do some background checks on the CA supreme court justices and introduce them to us properly. We need to know who to recall if the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Even those who state that the judges were "fair" in allowing same sex marriage are now crying foul at their twisted interpretation of the Good Samaritan law.

dcooper said...

By an act of Legislation, California's judicial branch has admitted to be corrupt.


This bill would provide that no governmental entity, or officer or employee of a governmental entity, shall incur any liability or be subject to prosecution or disciplinary action because of benefits provided to a judge under the official action of a governmental entity prior to the effective date of this bill on the ground that those benefits were not authorized under law.

SBX211 does not restore due process
SBX211 violates Article 1 section 9
SBX211 violates the 14th amendment (no equal protections)
SBX211 violate checks and balances between legislative and Judicial powers.
Judges do not disclose the county payments at the onset of any trial where the county is either a party to the case or has a financial interest. (Judges violate Judicial codes of ethics)
Judges refuse to recuse themselves when requested under CCP170
Judges find themselves unbiased and then file an order striking statement.

dcooper said...


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