CA Attorney General Fights to Negate Election Results

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Emboldened by a false sense of the so-called slim majority that passed Prop 8 (which is, incidentally, the same percentage that put "Hussein" Obama in the White House), former governor and mayor of Oakland and current California State Attorney General Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown has (unsurprisingly) reversed his decision to fulfill his office as defender of the state's constitution and people's right to government by representation and is instead leading the attack to overthrow the vote of the people in favor of his gay agenda.

His point ultimately is that Prop 8 shouldn’t be considered an “amendment” to the California constitution but a “revision.” What’s the difference? Hard to say from state case law, but essentially an amendment is a minor change to the document and a revision is a major one, based on both “quantitative and qualitative” factors. [...] The more you add to or subtract from the constitution, the more likely it is that you’re making a revision; hence the “quantitative” component, which should bode well for a narrow alteration like Prop 8. [...] Evidently constitutional rights in California have been changed by simple amendment before, and like Patterico says, a right that was expanded just six months ago by court decision ain’t quite as “fundamental” as free exercise.

[from Hot Air]
This is, of course, not surprising since he tried to sabotage the vote from the beginning by changing the wording of the initiative on the ballot from 'Prop. 8 asks voters to affirm that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California" - a concept that voters overwhelmingly backed when they approved Proposition 22 in 2000' to 'Prop 8 "eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry."'

Ol' "Moonbeam" is setting his sights on taking Gov. Swartzenegger's job in 2010, along with fellow gay activist Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco. Hmmm... I don't think disenfranchising 53% of the state will help his chances.


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