Taking Back Our Government: The Pen is Mighter Than the Sword

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

E. and I have been wringing our hands over the current state of our state and federal government. With the election of the socialist-leaning Obama, anti-traditional marriage/anti-Mormon demonstrations, the self-destruction of the Republican party, etc, we determined that we had to do something.

During the Monica Lewinski scandal of the Clinton administration, a large group of Clinton and general liberal supporters organized an email list that grew and grew to become what we now know as MoveOn(dot)org. It was this network of like-minded liberals that became the early and solid base for Obama's rise to power. Conservatives were beaten this election because we lack the networking and propaganda mill that the liberals have been using since day one. Unlike the liberals, conservatives lack unity of purpose, ideals and power.

In the spirit of Ender's Game's Locke and Demosthenes, I propose we fight the powers that would make us slaves to the state by publishing and sharing the true principles and ideals that made our society and country great so that we and others might better educate themselves. I propose we also write about the current bad policies, philosophies and actions of our government and reveal them for the anti-American, socialist, totalitarian, atheist and/or illogical terrible things that they are. If knowledge is really the most powerful weapon, let truth guide us to a better society and government.

I propose that we start on a point-by-point basis, with individuals taking a certain topic to write on. Others can of course share their knowledge on the subject in the comments section. My "wish list" for postings include the following:

  • Judicial Activism (particularly regarding Prop 8 in California)
  • The published goals of the Communist/Socialist Party and their progress in America
  • Big Government: Why it's not in the constitution and what its done for us
  • Defense Spending: Why it's important for us to have a strong military
  • Obama's Tax Plan: Are you kidding me? You think increasing taxes on rich people and businesses will help our economy?
  • The virtues of capitalism and free enterprise
  • European socialism: What is it, what has it done, why are they going away from it while we are going towards it?
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Homosexuality. why it is bad, what their agenda is and what it means for us.
  • Maybe an article on the ineptitude of our current congress
  • Obama's belief that our Constitution is an "experiment" that should be constantly changed and has the great failure of not telling what the government is "supposed to do for the people."
  • A general Obama primer would be nice. Maybe link to Hannity's "Top 10 reasons not to vote for Obama" video.
  • How the liberal scientific institutions in our country are ridiculing and silencing Intelligent Design advocates and what their Darwinism doctrines will mean to our society (Hint: Nazism came out of the belief that humans should help natural selection along)
  • And of course, general articles on how our government works, what the founding fathers believed and set up for our government, how our liberties and morals are being attacked, advice on what we can do, etc.
I would like the spirit of this blog to not be specifically partisan but to dwell on ideas and actions. Name-calling is immature and ineffective, but reason and evidence is powerful. I believe that if we make a good enough case we can attract others to our points of view, help them to see good sense and effect change through the polls that will reverse the terrible direction our country is currently going.

This should give you all plenty to start on. Let the blogging begin!

- Who is John Galt?


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